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Welcome to Cedar Canyon Ranch! We are located in Canon City, Colorado and our passion is Alpacas! On this site you can see pictures of our Alpacas, watch videos of the alpacas, and watch our Alpaca Cam, as well as shop for unique alpaca gifts and one-of-a-kind artwork.

Our store features unique handmade items including Alpaca clothing, Whacky Vollmecke, Alpaca Nests, and beautiful art by Glenda Lee Vollmecke. You'll love her Goddess Series, Wearable Amber Art, Semi-precious Gemstone Angels and Eclectic 3-Dimentional, Feather, Watercolor, and Acrylic Paintings all of which were exhibited at the Colorado Springs, Colorado airport in 2010 and 2011.

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Glenda has also exhibited her artwork at the Colorado State Fair held each year in Pueblo, Colorado. Her work can be seen inb the Fine Arts Building.

Watch John spin the alpaca fiber into yarn
with the help of the Pug named Chloe

John Vollmecke makes all of the alpaca yarn by hand from the Vollmecke alpaca herd. This time consuming process includes skirting, washing, picking (video) and carding (video 1) (video 2) the fiber. Finally, he spins and plies the yarn, setting the twists, and knitting the yarn into wearable art.

John was featured in Great American Crafts magazine in February 2000. The article title was "Real Men Do Knit" (download the article here).



A new book is available:

Intermission A Place in Time... Enjoy this riveting autobiography filled with typical British humor and occasional suspense! This electrifying book offers a journey of continual spellbinding and brilliant stories, some of historic significance. Who would have thought that a young girl like Glen born in the aftermath of WWII, whose family lived on a fixed income would be present at Rock-n-Roll's most memorable events when the Beatles took Liverpool and the world, by storm. Glen who at seven years old lost her adored father, and adapted to boarders taken in to help with the bills. Subsequently, she endured the selfish antics of her stepfather who even tried to dispatch her to Scotland at the age of eight, by placing her on the wrong train. Amazing vivid descriptions of this era, her associations with the Beatles and other Liverpool musicians bring to life an incredible period. The Liverpool lads knew she was there, and during their initial appearances, she recalls fond memories of her favorite Beatle Ringo, who was quite a clown. She shares her life from age six until sixteen, and it is an overwhelming journey. You will not put this book down! Take a break, and enjoy this 'place in time' and feel the ambience, familiarity, and awareness of the past.

Those needing signed copies can order through our website store in approximately three weeks. Postage will be added to the price of $12.95.

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"Intermission. A Place in Time"  is now available to order through Amazon.



Come Visit Us
We Sell Handspun yarn and wearable clothing.
Offer 2 hour farm tours.
Fiber preparation, knitting and spinning demonstrations.
$10.00 adults $5.00 children. Refreshments.


John and Glenda are proud to present a live video cam of their alpacas on this site. You can watch as babies are born and peek into the every day activities of the fascinating alpacas that live on Cedar Canyon Ranch!


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