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Alpaca Nest

Alpaca Bird Nest
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Alpaca Nest


The Alpaca Nest was devised by Glenda after watching their wild birds pick up the alpaca fiber during the shearing process. She then decided to make a unique faux evergreen enlosure that blends in with trees and permits the birds to snatch the fiber from this refillable device. The bird's head is sculpted tom red clay with a black bead for the eye. Crystals and colored stones add to the bling. One refill is included with the purchase price of $13.95.


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Alpaca Bird Nest Refill
Photo shows nest and refill: wooden display stand not included


Alpaca Nest Refill


It's easy and inexpensive to refill the Alpaca Bird Nest. Just pop in one of our Alpaca Nest Refills and the birds can continue building for months to come.


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