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The Whacky Vollmeke



Whacky Vollmecke
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My invention allows you to set the twist on your plied yarn in about an hour.

This replaces the Niddy Noddy and Swift. You have already washed your fiber why take all day to wash and set the twist in you fiber?  The  Wacky Vollmecke can do it all at  one time.

Simply take the plied yarn spool directly off of your spinning wheel. Place it on the Wacky Vollmecke .

Grab your garment steamer or steam iron and set the twist as you wind into a skein.

I have added a counter that gives you the yardage directly from your spinning. Now you can wind into a ball from the " Wacky Vollmecke " or take off on a skein.

Skein measures 2 yards.

The Wacky Vollmecke is affordable, made of hardwood, durable and totally unique.

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